We provide MetaLINK wireless Internet to areas in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.  From residential service to business service, MetaLINK Technologies has a High-Speed wireless package to fit your budget, and provide the speed you need for your home or office.


How does MetaLINK High-Speed Internet work?


MetaLINK uses a fixed wireless technology, so you'll no longer need a costly phone line, satellite or cable connection just to get Internet service.  We use radio frequencies to transmit a direct, secure, two-way digital signal from our tower to a receiver (about the size of a medium pizza box) mounted on your home or nearby pole.  It then travels a wire that is connected to a router and computer in your home.

Under ideal scenarios, MetaLINK can deliver reliable High-Speed Internet at a customer location up to 10 miles away from any tower. Degradation of your wireless signal can be caused by obstructions (trees and buildings) and electromagnetic interference (power transformers, baby monitors, or your neighbor's WiFi) and reduce speed, distance and reliability. We prequalify your location over the phone to verify you are eligible for service. After qualification, we can schedule a time for our technician to come on-site and determine if MetaLINK can provide you a reliable service. Once reliable signal is established, MetaLINK will install your service.




Residential and Commercial Packages available!

Custom Packages and Bundles also available!


NO DATA CAPS, NO OVERAGE FEES!  MetaLINK Internet service keeps it simple and allows you to use as much data as you'd like.  Most mobile providers cap your monthly data use and charge you for overages.  Downloading just one high definition movie on their network could send you over your limit.  If you don't want to count your megabytes or risk a hefty bill, go with MetaLINK!


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