Proactive remote support and monitoring services for the small business & home networks


Not everyone who drives a car is a good mechanic.  The same is true of computer users.  You may love browsing and downloading on your computer without knowing how to keep it running its' best.  That's why we created Premium Technical Support Services for Home Networks for MetaLINK Technologies customers and is provided by phone and remote software.

You have been asking for it, now we are pleased to offer this valuable service to our MetaLINK customers!


How can MetaLINK Premium Technical Support & Monitoring help me?


Through our "hands-free" proactive monitoring & computer support service, our customers receive:

  • 25GB of Cloud Storage for Online Backup
  • Content Filtering
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
  • Windows® updates/patches
  • General troubleshooting for your Operating Systems (Windows, Mac)
  • Advanced setup of non-MetaLINK provided devices to your existing wireless home network (e.g. Port Forwarding)
  • Connection of one to two existing and active email accounts to a tablet or smartphone
  • Troubleshooting for an existing email account
  • Piece of mind that your system is being proactively monitored!




How to take advantage of MetaLINK


Premium Support & Monitoring:


  • $9.95 per month per PC, Includes all features listed above and below
    • Billed to your monthly Internet bill
    • Not transferable




  • $5.95 per month per PC, Antivirus Only
    • Not transferable


Online Backup:


  • $5.95 per month per PC, Online Backup Only
    • Not transferable


Content Filtering:


  • $5.95 per month per PC, Content Filtering Only
    • Not transferable


Interested in learning more about our Remote Premium Support?  Give us a call today at (888) 999-8002, option 1, for our Sales Department.




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