A Partnership

MetaLINK has partnered with a leading technology company to offer you TV NOW, an innovative TV service that is available only to our customers in the MetaLINK Internet network.

Easy to use...Easy to watch!

MetaLINK now offers you the latest in video technology.  Now you can turn your TV into a superb viewing experience by using a MetaLINK approved set-top box.  We have them to purchase or you can order one on your own.  Contact us for details.

With every home subscription you also have access to TV ANYWHERE, a unique way to watch TV in your home on a variety of devices, including your mobile phone.


Available Packages 


MetaLINK TV Now - Starter - $14.95/mo. Over 30 channels, including Toledo local channels, and more.

MetaLINK TV Now - Popular - $34.95/mo. Over 80 channels, including Toledo local channels, all major national networks, national sports channels, news, variety and religious channels.  All the channels you like to watch, with no fluff, filler and no dated content, but at a truely affordable price for everyone.

MetaLINK TV Now - MAX - $48.95/mo. Over 100 channels, including everything in the basic package but with added national channels, extensive national and regional sports channels, specialty, news, shopping, and more.  Even more of all the channels you like to watch, with no fluff, filler and no dated content, but at a great price.

MetaLINK TV Now Premier -  Huge variety of premium content on a budget.  For $10 a month added to the MAX service, you get more than 20 premium channels including Stars, Encore, Showtime, The Movie Channel and more.

*Some channels may not be available in all areas.  Channels may also change, be replaced or updated prior to notice.  You must be a MetaLINK in-network Internet customer to be eligible for this IPTV service.



Frequently Asked Questions 


What is MetaLINK TV Now?

TV Now is an advanced technology TV service that delivers TV in striking HD quality and is available on any MetaLINK approved set-top box device.  As well, every TV Now subscriber can also gain convenience of in-home viewing of your favorite programs on iOS devices, Android devices, and Roku.


How do I sign up? 

Current customers can log into the MetaLINK Billing site at:  https://billing.metalink.net/ and look for the "Sign Up for MetaLINK TV Now" block and follow the instructions to get signed up.

If you are not a current customer, call us at 888-999-8002, Option 1 for Sales or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What devices are supported on MetaLINK TV Now? 

When you sign up for service, we will provide you a list of MetaLINK approved set-top boxes.  All the approved boxes are very affordable and avoid monthly rental charges and service fees.  Our approved boxes allow you to add other services like NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube, and HBO using the easy to use features of the device.  Turn your set-top box into a entertainment center for the entire family.

For in-home ANYWHERE services, almost every type of device is supported, including iPads, Android tablets, Roku Premier, Premier+ and Ultra, iPhones, Android phones and more...


How many devices can I register for the in-home ANYWHERE service? 

You can register up to 5 devices at a given time.  In some cases, depending on your level of Internet service from MetaLINK, you can use all five devices at the same time.  Now that's amazing!  If you reach the 5 device limit, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive instructions on how to delete a device and add a new one.


Does MetaLINK TV Now have DVR capability?

Yes, and it gets better.  With MetaLINK TV Now, every set-top box and device has recording capability.  Instructions are available and recording is as easy as selecting your program to be recorded from the channel guide.  Recordings are saved for up to 5 days.


What is the video quality of MetaLINK TV Now and how much bandwidth do I need?

Video Quality:  All high definition content will be available in HD with adaptive bitrate streaming, so you will see the highest resolution your broadband allows.

Internet bandwidth requirements:  10mbps or higher for each streaming device is recommended for the best experience.


Can I try MetaLINK TV Now for free?

Interested in checking out TV service?

MetaLINK customers can now add MetaLINK TV Now service to their Internet plan for free, with no obligation to continue.  This applies to home and business customers looking to test our TV service.

There's no catch.  Sign up, get immediate access to the MetaLINK TV Now service, watch free for 7-days.  At the end of the trial, your account will automatically convert to a paid subscriptions unless you cancel at the end of your free trial.

Interested?  Existing customers, please sign up here:  https://billing.metalink.net/ 

  Free Trial FAQ:

  • What is the price of the trial?  The trial is free.  Really free.  No credit card charge.  The only requirement is you must be a current subscriber to MetaLINK Internet and your account must be current.
  • I love the service - How do I convert to a paid subscription?  Your account will automatically convert to a paid subscription after 7-days.
  • How do I cancel if I don't want to continue?  You will need to submit an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or opt out online before the end of your free trial.
  • Are there any limits on the service?  No, this is a fully functioning trial.


How do I get Technical Support for MetaLINK TV Now?

Support Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Support Phone Number:  1-800-459-4062
Support Hours:  9AM-7PM ET M-F

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